About me

Mission: To secure and excel in a data science role allowing me to provide actionable business intelligence.

Personality: I'm a rare mix of extroverted and analytic--a voracious learner with an appetite for sharing new ideas.
Myers-Briggs Personality type: ENTP

I have experience in several creative fields but am most passionate about data science. I view data scienctists like modern-day trail-blazers, finding routes through new territories and toward new opportunities. With a six person Institutional Research team, I currently help discover educational trends in student behaviour for one of the largest colleges in the country.


  • SQL
  • VBA/Excel
  • SPSS
  • R
  • Python
  • Matlab, SAS, Tableau
  • Javascript (Learning)




RP Group Research Award: for a Cost-Effectiveness Study of First-Year Pathways (2017)

Sigma Nu Fraternity: Founded UCSB Chapter (2011)

UCSB Music Production Club: Served on Executive Board (2014)


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